Behavior Resources

Behavioral problems are a common reason why dogs are surrendered by their owners and why newly adopted dogs are returned to the shelter.  We have compiled these resources (in partnership with Emily Lewis of and will add to it as we discover useful information.


Local Trainers:


Helpful Infographics:

Understanding the Value of Treats from a Dog’s Viewpoint 

Understanding Dog Tension Threshold Levels 

Reading Dog Body Language.jpg

Understanding how Behavioral Triggers work in Dogs.jpg

Levels of Dog Reactivity Stress


Recommended Reading:

Fight! by Jean Donaldson

Feisty Fido by Patricia McConnell

Click to Calm by Emma Parsons

The Midnight Dog Walkers by Annie Phoenix


YouTube Channels:

Urban Dawgs

Aggressive Dog

Control Unleashed



Freedom Harness

Pets Safe 3 in 1 Harness

Newtrix Head Collar

Halti Head Collar

Safety Cord

Spray Shield

Pet Corrector


Off Leash Dog Encounters:




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