Surrendering Your Animal

Need to find another home for your pet?

Homeward Bound is here to help you with this difficult decision! Here are some things to consider:

Do you want to keep your pet but are finding certain behaviors a challenge?
Feel free to call us for advice and referrals on common behavioral problem such as housetraining, inappropriate elimination in cats, chewing household items, barking etc. Your veterinarian is also a good source of help--many behavioral issues have physical causes!

If you would rather re-home your animal yourself, here are few tips:
A good way to start is to ask everybody you know if they are willing to give your pet a home. If you have no luck this way, the next thing you should do is make up a flyer with a nice, close-up picture of your pet and details about the animal’s personality and the type of home he/she would do best in. Highlight your pet’s best qualities. Post this flyer up at all the vet's offices in your area. The best pet owners can often be found there and many people will see your flyers. You might also try posting the flyer at your work, gym, or church bulletin board.

For animals waiting to come in to Homeward Bound or for owners wishing to re-home their animal without bringing it to the shelter, we provide a service to effectively advertise their animal on our website and at the shelter. Please read about Third Party Adoptions for more information.

If you need to surrender your animal to us for re-homing, you can rest assured that he or she will receive great care and a lot of attention while we work to find him or her a new permanent home!

Although we do not charge fees for surrendered animals, we do request that you call 802-388-1100 to schedule an appointment so that we may be prepared to accommodate your animals as efficiently as possible. If you have to leave a message, that message will be returned within 24 hours unless it is Sunday or Monday. On average, we can schedule an appointment for you within a week to ten days of when you call but there are times in the summer months when the wait may be up to 3-4 weeks.

If you have found a stray animal we urge you to call ahead and give us notice that you are coming, but at no time will a stray be turned away.  Please note that if you have found a stray on Sunday or Monday (when our Adoption Center is closed) that it is best to come directly to the shelter.  Animal care staff are here from 8-5 caring for the animals in the shelter and they can assist you!  You are welcome to call but please be aware that your message may not be returned until Tuesday.

When you bring an animal to us, please be sure that dogs are on leashes and cats or other small animals are in carriers. We encourage you to bring personal belongings, such as toys or blankets, that will ease your pet’s transition to the shelter. We cannot, however, guarantee that those belongings will stay with your pet throughout his stay here. Your appointment will take about 15-20 minutes and we will ask you to fill out an information survey that will better help us understand your pet’s needs. If you would like to do that in advance, please download the applications below. Please bring recent vaccination records. If you are not the owner, bring a signed letter from that person giving you permission to relinquish the pet. We do not have the staff or resources to pick up animals for surrender to the shelter.

When you surrender an animal to us, we assume you have done so because you had no other alternative and we expect you to trust us to make the best choice for the animal and the community. We will inform you of our placement decision if you ask, but we are unable to notify you beforehand. All efforts are made to place animals in our care into lifetime, loving homes. We do not have pre-established time limits for how long animals can stay in the shelter. However, there are times that an animal will not be put up for adoption because a health or behavior/aggression issue makes a responsible placement impossible. In these cases, we make the humane decision to euthanize the animal.

Complete Your Cat's Personality Profile 

Complete Your Dog's Personality Profile

Feral/Barn Cats:  If you have feral or barn cats, please read about our Trap-Neuter-Release program on our website!

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