Jessica Danyow
Executive Director

Hannah Manley
Development Director

Michelle Shubert
Administrative Assistant/Feline Care Coordinator

Carly Lehrer
Shelter Manager

Animal Care and Adoption/Customer Service Staff:

Nance Hall, Receptionist/Volunteer Liaison

Caitlin Sheldon, Canine Care Coordinator/Adoption Counselor

Nikki Normandin, Veterinary Technician

Nancy Ward, Adoption Counselor/Animal Care

Emily Zirk, Adoption Counselor/Animal Care

Jameson Haggert, Animal Care

Anna Bennett, Animal Care

Grace Chamberlain, Animal Care

Jennifer Many, Animal Care

Audrey Huston, Animal Care

Tricia Black, Cleaning Specialist



Contact Details

Adoption Center Hours

Tuesday - Saturday
12pm to 5pm