Euthanasia Services

Our commitment to the human-animal bond extends to acknowledge that euthanasia is a vital part of that bond.  The ability to provide a painless, dignified death to our animal companions is a necessary part of upholding the commitment to that bond.  There are also times when euthanasia is the most humane choice for a dangerous animal and the safest choice for a community.

We are now offering owner-requested euthanasia by appointment only.  For medical euthanasia, we will require an in-shelter exam and/or vet history that confirms terminal condition or diagnosis.  For behavioral euthanasia we require either a written referral recommending euthanasia from a veterinarian or dog behaviorist or that the owner provide a detailed written statement of the reasons why euthanasia has been decided on.  We retain the right to refuse to do medical or behavioral euthanasia if the reasons are not compelling.

To schedule an owner-requested euthanasia, please call 802-388-1100, ex. 102. Below is a price list for the cost of euthanasia. Cremation can be included in the cost of euthanasia but ashes will not be returned to owner. No exceptions. If cremation is not chosen, the body must be taken back by the owner.


Euthanasia Only

$25 Cat / $50 Dog (Regardless of Weight)


Euthanasia with Cremation



1 – 20 lbs.   $65

1 – 20 lbs.   $90

21 – 40 lbs.   $90

21 – 40 lbs.   $115

41- 60 lbs.    $136

61-80 lbs.   $155

81-100 lbs.   $310

101-120 lbs.   $366

121-150 lbs.+***   $400

*** Pets weighing more than 120 pounds are subject to an additional $125 pickup fee if being cremated.
No exceptions.

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