Need to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered?  We can FIX that!  

PetFIX is the affordable option for taking care of this important surgery.  PetFIX is open to Addison County and Brandon residents owning cats or dogs.  No other species can be altered at this time.  Surgeries are available by appointment only and require full payment by cash or credit card at the time of pet drop off.

To be eligible for a PetFIX appointment:

  • Dogs must be 3 months of age. If you have a large breed dog (one that is going to weigh 75+ pounds at maturity) we recommend you wait until the dog is 12 months old.  No pregnant or in-heat dog surgeries will be performed.
  • Cats must be 3 months of age.
  • All animals 3 months or older must have proof of current rabies vaccination***

Prices are as follows:

Cat Neuter = $100

Cat Spay = $125

Dog Neuter = $200

Dog Spay = $225

Prices include a pre-surgical exam, ear cleaning/nail trim,  3-days of pain medication, and a cone for dogs.  We may exercise the right to refuse to perform surgery based on the results of the pre-surgical bloodwork or exam, and will issue a full-refund  (for the cost of surgery only) in those cases.  Pre-surgical bloodwork (recommended) is $100.

***If you cannot provide proof of a current rabies vaccination for your pet we will administer a vaccine at the time of surgery for a non-refundable $25.  Microchips are available upon request for $35.

PetFIX surgeries are scheduled on periodic Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Drop off for doga and cats is at 9am and pick up is at 3:30pm for dogs and 1pm for cats.  Pets will be released after discharge instructions are explained. All dogs must be on regular leashes.  No flexi-leads.  Cats must be in secure carriers.

To schedule your appointment, please email and provide your full name, address and phone number and a copy of your pet’s proof of current rabies if you have it.

Contact Details

236 Boardman Street
Middlebury, VT 05753

Adoption Center Hours

Tuesday - Saturday
Open by Appointment Only