Misty 2003-2013

When our big tiger cat (Cubby) passed away in 2004, I went to Homeward Bound to adopt another kitten.  I asked if they had any grey kittens and they showed me this beautiful 14 month old grey with white markings.  She had extra toes all around and was beautiful.  She snuggled in my lap while I got to know her and soon afterwards I took her home.  Over that weekend, we named her Misty.  She was very timid and didn’t do well in our house.  We thought she couldn’t see, so soon afterwards we took her to a veterinarian ophthalmologist, who did surgery removing her cataracts.  In spite of the surgery, she was still very timid and would hide in a different hiding places every day.  It was always a challenge to find where Misty hid next!  She learned to wear a harness so we could take her out in the back yard and she soon learned the route!  We loved having Misty to take care of, love & protect, and are sure that she knew that she had the best life here where we understood her.  During her life we also adopted another kitten who had the exact same markings & extra toes as Misty.  It was fun to see them together!  Misty was only with us about 8 1/2 years and we still talk about her!  She was such a sweetie and we miss her lots.