Maggie Mae Reed May 2003-January 2020

It was one year ago today that we had to say goodbye.  We miss you every minute of every day.  We have loved many cats, everyone with their own personality.  It breaks our hearts to say goodbye.  You my, Maggie Mae, I always knew would be the hardest goodbye.  I feel there was something so extra special about you.  You were such a strong, sweet little fighter.  We learned together about asthma inhalers, sub q fluids ,so many daily pills.  You were so patient with your momma.  I would have done anything to keep you longer.  I so miss you talking to me.  We got the kittens you sent us last February.  Tuck has your nose, and loves the heat. Linc likes to drink from the sink.  I tell them its the Maggie in them.  Little Gracie wants to be a momma-kitty like Marah, always giving Jessie a bath, along with her brothers.  You, Maggie and your sister, Marah Rae were two of our greatest joys in life.  We are so thankful that we were the ones blessed to adopt you both all those years ago.  Thank you baby girl, for everything.  So many wonderful memories you left me with.  We love you and miss you always.