Little 2010-2023

When Little and her sister, Maddie, arrived at Homeward Bound 3 years ago, they were in rough shape. They were evaluated by a vet, and Maddie was in kidney failure. Little, born with many birth deformities, was thought to have no quality of life. Thankfully, Homeward Bound decided to give them a second chance at life, and I was fortunate to be able to foster them. Sadly, Maddie only lived a few months, but she had great days and was so devoted to Little. After Maddie passed, we decided to adopt Little, and she had 1000+ days of a quality life. Her favorite thing was to see her harness and front carry pouch because she knew that meant a walk, hike, or bike ride – and she was always up for an adventure! She swam in our pond with a life vest and had several places she liked to go for ‘sniff abouts.’ For most of her days, she was rarely out of my sight and was a fixture in my gymnastics classes, helping many kids who had a fear of dogs. Little taught me that even a 4 pound dog can have a gigantic personality. She will forever hold a piece of my heart.