Jessie Allie Reed 2004-2021

Jessie Allie, we adopted you and Jazzy at the Ethnic Festival side walk sales in July 2004.  You both had just been spayed the day before, you looked so hot and uncomfortable that we just had to bring you home to Mittens, Marah, Maggie, Jade and Jude. Our two black and white boys.  You and Jazzy made five torties for us.  You were such a good little protector of Jazzy.  The years went by too fast baby girl.  My little Allie-gator, most easy going kitty ever.  You taught me how to truly relax.  I so miss our snuggles.  You were the best at snuggling with your momma.  We love you so much baby girl.  We were so blessed that you were ours.  We will remember and think of you always.  Forever would never be long enough to spend with you.