Trace is a smart, athletic, high-energy dog who is very keen on learning and doing the right thing.  He is affectionate toward people and gets along well with a variety of dogs.  He needs mental exercise and stimulation as much as physical outlets.  Trace would do well in a home with another dog of similar age and temperament as dog-play really helps his energy level.

When Trace does not get adequate exercise and outlets for his intelligence, he becomes mouthy and demanding and is probably not a good match for a home with young children.  He needs to go to a home where he will receive significant daily exercise and have lots of companionship.  Being left home along all day while his people are at work or school will not work for Trace.

Trace is currently receiving weekly training sessions from Emily Lewis of A Click Away and his adoption comes with one free in-home lesson sponsored by Homeward Bound!  The lesson must be scheduled within one week of adoption.


  • Breed: Labrador Retreiver
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: Male