Sugar and Spice and everything nice- meet our sweet gal Spice! When Spice came to Homeward Bound, she was very fearful and shy. We quickly sent her to foster care with a wonderful family and FIVE dog foster siblings and one cat foster sibling! And guess what? She is doing SO well with them. When Spice first moved into her foster home, her foster mom made sure to set aside a room just for her- a safe place to retreat when needed. She was introduced to each member of the pack one at a time and she took it in stride. Initially, Spice was shy in her foster home and wouldn’t make eye contact with her foster mom, but every day she becomes more comfortable and confident and now seeks to make eye contact. She will let people other than her foster mom pet her, but with limited eye contact; it’s clear she just wants to be loved and made to feel safe.

Spice has never had any accidents in the house and while she enjoys food and treats, she is not food motivated. Recently, Spice even licked her foster mom’s hand as a “thank you” for receiving a treat! She also crates wonderfully! She has become so comfortable in her foster home that when she wakes up, she comes out of her crate, stretches, then proceeds to greet all her dog friends on her way to the door before heading outside for a morning jaunt around the yard. If given patience and love, Spice will make a wonderful, loving and loyal companion for a family who understands she will need time to adjust in a new home.

Spice is currently in a foster home and NOT at the shelter. If you are interested in meeting Spice, please contact Homeward Bound at 388-1100.



  • Breed: Beagle mix
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: Female