Small Fry is a very sweet bunny who loves people, snuggles and kisses on her nose. Small Fry was abandoned with her mom and other siblings, but made their way to Homeward Bound thanks to a good Samaritan. When she came into the shelter she was just a few days old so, Small Fry and her siblings stayed with their mom and went into foster. They were in foster until they were big enough. So they got a lot of love and attention from the foster parents. She would do great with other bunnies, with proper introductions she would do well with dogs, cats and kids. Small Fry is potty-trained and enjoys playing in a pen filled with cut-out boxes and other awesome things to chew on. She would prefer to be an indoor bunny, but be able to have some supervised fun outside in a pen. You can tell Small Fry apart from her brothers because she is the only female. If you are looking for a curious girl who will definitely keep you busy, Small Fry is the girl for you!
Small Fry will be a large size bunny

Small Fry

  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Female