Kronk is a big meatball with a heart of gold. This big lug is all spunk and vigor. He is a pretty independent dude who would love to tool around with his human all day in a garage or drive around in a truck as a copilot – he is always happy to see people and has excellent customer service skills. If he had to crash at home while you’re at work, that’s no worry – he is housetrained.

Kronk may be a big boy, but he isn’t territorial at all. On the contrary, he adores people of all ages. He is dog selective and only likes some female dogs who don’t challenge his masculinity. He shows competitive issues with other males. He will chase cats, so no cats in the home for Kronk!

When Kronk is excited to see you he runs in and out in between your legs like he is playing a high-stakes game of “London Bridge”. He totally digs being outdoors, rolling around in the grass with his toys and checking out new sights and sounds. Kronk is a muscle man and he is strong on leash. He definitely can throw that weight around when he sees a dog on leash, so he needs a equally strong owner to keep him in check and teach him some “chill skills” to help him when he is out and about.

This chunky boy is ready to be your “ride or die” man, he is just waiting for you to come get him!



  • Breed: Staffy Mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Male