Sammi 2007-2021

We rescued Sammi when she was 3 months old. I carried her in my hand. She grew into a 52 pound speed machine. She lived to run. Didn’t matter if it was straight, in circles or broken field, she just ran. When not running she loved to cuddle and get belly rubs. She also never barked. She got our attention by placing her muzzle in my chest and pushing me where she needed me to be.

My only disappointment was we lived on a lake and Sammi hated the water. When I pulled her in her instinct was to run, and that’s how she swam. It was both funny and sad to watch. To dry off, she’d climb onto the picnic table and lay in the sun until she was toasty.

One look in her eyes and you understood love, loyalty and honor. God, was she sweet.