Peach ? - 2022

Things change.
I no longer play the violin, and Peach is no longer here to listen. This beautiful idiosyncratic girl died yesterday morning, when it was time, after fading away to a shadow of herself due to liver failure. In her head she was game to the end, but the body was incapable of supporting her spirit and in spite of still enjoying food, she couldn’t digest it. Up to the end she responded with a purr to her favorite cat brush, catnip, and a loving touch..
I will miss my conversations with her, her expressive chirping, her mealtime demands and her curiosity in what I was having for lunch/dinner, fully expecting a share. Her dying owner asked me to look after her five years ago, and it was a gift to us both that she joined my feline crew. I hope he and she are together again, and Jeff is overseeing the reunion.
Farewell, my darling Peach.