Coco 2005-2020

Coco was a rescue from Franklin County Humane Society. I worked there at the time as part of the kennel staff and also as a dog trainer. Before starting the job my husband said to me, “just don’t come home with any random pets.” I agreed and spent the next 3 years there…. not bringing home any animals. One day after getting  done my shift I get home and jump in the shower. By the time I get out of the shower and come downstairs my husband came home. There he was in the living room… along with one of our shelter dogs, Coco. He said to me, “look babe, she’s great with cats!” She never went back after that visit. Coco’s previous owners left her tied outside for the first 2 years of her life. My husband and I spent the rest of coco’s life training and teaching her. Coco had never been in a car, she hated kids and she never had proper exercise. Now anyone that knows anything about a working breed of dog knows they need lots of exercise. Coco was a spoiled dog. Her favorite food was ice cream or anything sweet! She loved to intimidate new people who came to visit. She was the alpha and you knew it! She loved playing with puppies! Mother Hen i would call her. She loved long runs and walks through the woods, and She loved toys with squeakers. Coco lived a good long life. We made sure she never felt tied out and left again. She was an amazing dog and most definitely one of a kind. We miss her everyday!

-Chanda, Devin and Roosie