This is Rudy!  Rudy is a super-lovebug sweetheart of a dog.  He’s cuddly, silly and loves to just be near his owner.  Rudy’s got game, too – he’s an excellent jumper, runner and snooper.  Very devoted and loyal.  And protective!  Rudy can be a little territorial – he knows his turf and he let’s you know he does.  He’s nipped some ‘intruders’ including a couple of younger folks, so you’ll want to have a space for him where his instincts to protect you aren’t challenged by normal day-to-day interactions.  He loves everybody when he feels safe and he’s ‘off-duty.’  On the trail he’s super friendly and LOVES the activity.  After a little posturing he loves other dogs and really needs the play and place to be all the dog he can be.  He’s great with routines, learns quickly and is just a joy to be around.  We are going to be travelling extensively, and our time away can be anxiety inducing for Rudy – that’s why we want to find him a home where he can thrive.

Rudy is a part of Homeward Bound’s Third Party Adoption Program. If you are interested in learning more about, or adopting, Rudy please email Scott at:



  • Breed: Beagle
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • Age: senior
  • Gender: Male