Lucy Lu is part of Homeward Bound’s 3rd Party Adoption listing for privately-owned Vermont animals. Pets posted for 3rd Party Adoption are not at the shelter. Homeward Bound staff has not seen or evaluated these pets and all information provided is as described by the owner. For any questions or to make an appointment to meet Lucy Lu, please contact her current owner, Phoebe, at or 802-989-1385.

Lucy Lu is a 2.5-year old spayed Pit Bull Terrier mix weighing 35 pounds. She is current on her vaccines and has no known medical conditions.

Her owner reports that Lucy Lu is very active, lovable to family, friendly to visitors, and a great snuggler. She can be a clown as well as a couch potato. She has been around children ages 10+, interacts appropriately, and is affectionate with them. She has had no experience living with cats or other small pets, however she will chase squirrels and lunge at cats.

Lucy Lu knows basic commands, and is housebroken and crate-trained. She is not left in a crate for more than a few hours at a time. She is a serious player and hasn’t met a toy or ball she hasn’t liked. She is smart and picks things up very quickly. Being outside is a highlight for her and is walked 3 times a day, as well as some hiking.

Lucy Lu is dog-selective and with those particular dogs she plays well. She is reactive to most other dogs. She currently resides in a neighborhood where dogs are walked by frequently, which is a constant trigger that keeps her amped up and anxious. She doesn’t act aggressively toward all dogs, but the owners have not been able to pinpoint what scenario triggers her. Her owners attempted to board her at a kennel and that was not successful nor is it recommended.

Her current owners are not making this decision to re-home her lightly. They care deeply about her well-being and can see that she is not in the environment she should be in. They feel the ideal home would be in a quiet setting without the constant parade of dogs going by. Lucy Lu would do best to be with a family working from home, and a yard where she can play freely outside, chase squirrels, sniff at all the smells and play with her toys.

If you have questions about Lucy Lu or would like to meet her, please call Phoebe at the contact information above.

Lucy Lu

  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 2.5 years
  • Gender: Female