Jasper (grey) and Gilbert (brown) are two bonded 6-month old American Teddy mix guinea pigs. Both are males, and were born from 2 different litters. Gilbert was a runt and was bullied by his other siblings and Jasper would protect him. This is what started their heartfelt friendship. Gilbert is more dominant, and the only time they ever argue is over a piece of corn cob! Now we give them 2 corn cob pieces separately and they are happy. It’s their favorite snack!

Once they get used to you, they seem to absolutely adore their human friends. They are very playful and their favorite toys are blocks, bells and a rainbow log! They have lived with dogs & kids in their previous home. They are scared of loud noises, so a quieter, calm household would be the best environment for them.

For questions about Jasper and Gilbert or to schedule an appointment to meet them, please call Homeward Bound or email smalls@homewardboundanimals.org

Jasper and Gilbert

  • Breed: Mixed breed
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 6 months
  • Gender: Male