Flint believes he is a comedian- he has such a goofy, playful personality! He loves to play with the other kitties and cat, and occasionally he will even play with our golden retriever. Flint will carry really random things around the house, including a marker cap, sticks, tennis balls, paper or whatever else he can get a hold of (living with a retriever may be rubbing off in him!). Flint looks forward to bedtime every night, where he will find a spot on your feet and happily keep them warm all night. He loves all animals (including our bunny and bird), and he also really likes kids. We often find him curled up next to our toddler on the couch! While he may be sweet, he has quite a mischievous side also. He makes it next to impossible to have any houseplants and is a bit food aggressive (which we are working hard at, but he sure LOVES food- ANY food, including lettuce, strawberries or any other food he manages to steal off the counter). All in all, he is such a sweet and happy boy.


  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 7 months
  • Gender: Male