Daffodil is a special girl here at Homeward Bound, looking for a special home.  She came to us as a sweet stray, but we soon learned that life in a condo was too restrictive for this independent soul.  Daffodil needs a home environment without other pets and without children, so she can rule her roost without territorial stressors.  She enjoys affection in small doses, and will let you know when she has had enough. Daffodil is a meticulous kitty whose day doesn’t start until she has had a shower in the sink!

We have several wonderful animals here at Homeward Bound that are overlooked for one reason or another; they might not get along with other animals, they might be shy of new people, they might not like to be picked up….. or they might just be the “wrong” color.  Whatever the case may be, these pets deserve a loving home just like all of the others.  We want to take to take the worry out of considering these pets for adoption, so we are offering “test drives” on select animals.

Are you interested in Daffodil but aren’t 100% sure?  Take her home for a risk-free 1-month trial period to see how she fits in your home before making an adoption commitment!  If it doesn’t work you can bring her back…. but chances are she will have stolen your heart by the time your test drive is over.



  • Breed: DSH, Black & White
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: Female