Roxy is the sweetest little thing! At 1.5 years old, Roxy loves car rides, quality time with people and playing outside. She is housetrained, good with most other dogs and good with kids who have been trained in dog manners. Roxy is allergic to chicken and is on a fish-only diet to help keep her comfortable and her skin healthy. She is affectionate, quiet and a gentle player. She is NOT good with cats and will chase them Roxy does have separation anxiety and will need to be kenneled when you cant be with her – she is nervous in new situations or being left alone, so making her kennel a positive space is important for her. She would make an amazing co-pilot or truck dog if you have the ability to take her with you during the workday. Otherwise, she is content in her kennel once in it with good things to chew on and comfortable snuggle items. Roxy is ready to go to a forever home that can shower her with all the love and warmth she both needs and deserves.

Dogs: ok
Cats: no
Kids: dog savvy children



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1.5
  • Gender: Female