Oh Duke! This stunning redbone is so lovable! He is just about a year old and needs some training. Duke hasn’t yet learned the full value in listening to his humans, but is steadily learning here with us each day. He would make an amazing working dog and will form a bond doing that with his human. He is big, goofy and nothing short of adorable. He is strong, but dog-social more often then not. He needs a yard to play and sniff in as well as active people who can engage him and will work on his training. He is playful, energetic and friendly. He is looking for a home that is experienced with hounds and is cool with him being a bit vocal. Duke has tons of potential and is ready to get out into the world and play!

Dogs: ok
Cats: no
Kids: dog-savvy children over 10- Duke is goofy player, learning proper manners and may knock down smaller children.



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1
  • Gender: Male