Pet Cremation Services

The death of a cherished pet is a heartbreaking experience. Homeward Bound offers quality companion animal cremation services for people seeking a dignified alternative for their beloved pet’s remains. Our experienced and professional service includes a number of cremation options and a variety of attractive urns. For pricing and additional information, please click here.

Cremation options include the following:

This service gives the animal complete privacy in the cremation chamber. All  remains and ashes are gathered up and carefully packaged for return to the owner.

This is the most economical option for clients wishing to have ashes returned. We process, depending on weight, between 2 and 4 animals at a time. Within the crematory animals are separated from each other by a fire-proof divider. Each animal’s remains are handled individually after cremation and packaged for return to the owner.

This service is for clients who do not wish to have remains returned, but still wish to ensure that their deceased pet is treated in a dignified manner.

How to have your animal cremated:

You may bring your beloved pet to Homeward Bound during regular shelter hours or by appointment. We are open:

  • Tuesday:   12pm - 5pm
  • Wednesday:   12pm - 5pm
  • Thursday:   12pm - 5pm
  • Friday:   12pm - 5pm
  • Saturdays:   12pm - 5pm

If these times are inconvenient for you, please call 388-1100 to set up an appointment.

Please leave your animal in your vehicle and come into the lobby to request assistance. Our staff will arrange to meet you and your animal at our side entrance for greater discretion and privacy.


We have a variety of beautiful urns available for viewing online. If you’d like to place an order, you may do so at the shelter, or you can download an order form from this site and fax it to us at 802-382-9320.

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