Grocery Hound Shopping Spree Raffle

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Clean up in EVERY aisle!

1st place winner gets a 2 minute shopping spree at Greg’s Market!  

2nd place winner gets a 1 minute shopping spree at Greg’s Market!

Tickets:  $10/each.  All proceeds benefit Homeward Bound.

Drawing: Thursday, March 23 live on WVTK 92.1FM.

Shopping sprees:  Saturday, March 25 at 8:00am at Greg’s Market, 3 Elm Street, Middlebury.

Restrictions: no medications, alcohol or tobacco products; *no more than 2 of the same item. Employees of Homeward Bound and Greg’s Market are not eligible.

Cheerleaders:  Up to 10 people may accompany you into the store to cheer you on.

Stand-in Shopper:  You may select, “a designated shopper,” to do the spree for you, but only 1 person may participate in the spree.

Carts:  fill one cart, return it to the front of the store for another cart OR take 2 carts with you at once.

End of Spree:  When your time is up, you will stop wherever you are in the store and return to the checkout counter to see how much you have won!

 *Examples:  only 2 Tide detergents in the 92fl oz. size; only 2 packages of store brand rice cereal; only 2 packages of London Broil; only 2 half gallon jugs of Champlain Orchards apple cider, etc.