Zoe is a shy girl with a big heart. She has been through a lot and came into our care very shut down and needing maximum TLC. If it wasn’t for her loving and experienced foster, Zoe would not have become the lady she has blossomed into today.

These days, Zoe is living the high life. Zoe loves high value treats, such as marrow bones and Himalayan chews; she wont want to give those up unless you trade for something else yummy -she’s a clever one! She goes on long walks down country roads, is working on all her basic and behavioral training, receiving the best care and tons of affection. After all she has been through, Zoe needs to experience the world at her own pace. She is very attached to her foster mom and improving on her confidence each day. Her future family should get ready for a very attentive and invested pup. Zoe is good with cats and curious and playful with other pups. When other dogs haven’t wanted to play with her, and even growled at her, Zoe remains unfazed and simply moves along. Her nervousness in general makes her completely averse to confrontation; she is shy and not about drama!

We know that Zoe’s happy ending is out there waiting to shower her with all the love in the world. Zoe will continue to remain in foster while we help her find her forever people. She has captured the hearts of all the medical and shelter workers that were involved with her care; we have no doubt the family who opens their home to her will be hitting the jackpot!

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes


  • Breed: Staffy Mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 10
  • Gender: Female