This big guy is goofy in all the typical “shepherd-y” ways. He adores the golf cart and the car and will be your road dog anytime. He is all about playing in water and, of course, chewing on his big plastic blue ball. He is a confident middle-aged dog who has all the energy of a young pup. He will play for hours! He chews all sorts of things with gusto – the harder the item the better. As a result, his teeth have been ground down (all but a few in the way back), but he is still determined to gnaw away at Nyla bones and of course… the big blue ball.

No cats for this fluffy guy and he is dog selective – he especially doesn’t do well with male dogs. He has lived in a home with dogs before, but displayed dominant behavior. For this reason, our ideal home for him would make him the only pet in the home. We are also a home that gives him some space to play. He is  He is definitely a dog who will want to have water to play in too – baby pools count if you ask him!

Titus is strong and gorgeous. He is the happiest boy when he is playing in his yard and splashes and swims in his pool every chance he gets. Because he is such a lover of water, Titus needs his ears regularly cleaned. His skin can be finicky, but he has been steadily on Apoquel and a special diet with much success.

If  you are a German Shepherd lover, this may be your guy. Come meet this big lug today 🙂




  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Size: Extra-Large
  • Age: 6
  • Gender: Male