Story is part of Homeward Bound’s 3rd Party Adoption listing for privately-owned Vermont animals. Pets posted for 3rd Party Adoption are not at the shelter. Homeward Bound staff has not seen or evaluated these pets and all information provided below is as described by the owner. For any questions or to make an appointment to meet Story, please contact her current owner at or call 802-324-2812.

Story’s owner says – Before we tell you about her awesomeness, please know that she MUST be the only animal in the home. We can’t stress how important this is. If you can commit to her being the only pet for her lifetime, then please read on!

Story has been an indoor cat only. She is 4 years old and has the most beautiful, soft angora fur. Story LOVES her humans and wants to sleep next to you. She will follow you around most of the day accompanying you on your household activities. She is very interested in what people do and will watch attentively as though she is learning. Story loves belly rubs, to be held and kissed, and will often give kisses in return.

Rather than a typical meow, Story has the most adorable trill she uses to talk, but isn’t annoyingly talkative. She enjoys guests and, if possible, will be the center of attention. She’s not really a climber or a jumper and any plants that aren’t easily accessible usually get left alone. She uses her litter box faithfully.

Story has FIV which really only affects her being around other cats, which she can’t be around anyway so it’s not a problem. She takes a treat that doubles as a daily joint supplement (mostly as a preventative measure), which costs $8 per month and is easily ordered online.

Story has made it clear she does not want to share a home with any other animal. She will seek out other pets for unpredictable attacks. Her current family loves her dearly and has tried everything for over a year, including gating off part of the home for the family dog, who has been so patient and keeps his distance from Story. This is not a good situation for all involved as Story continues to prove she will not tolerate another animal. She just wants to be the ‘only child.’

To apply to adopt Story, please email or call 802-324-2812 since she is not at Homeward Bound.



  • Breed: Mixed breed
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Female