Stella is part of our 3rd Party Adoption and is not located at Homeward Bound.  Any questions about Stella should be directed to the contact person below.

Stella is a 3-year old rescue from North Carolina who came to Vermont about a year and a half ago. Her exact breeds are unknown but she demonstrates strong herding breed characteristics. Stella is very loved and has come a long way since being adopted, but is being rehomed because her family recently brought home a new baby and she does not do well with children. She has a strong prey drive and a need to control movement so she needs to be in a home without small children, cats, other small animals or elderly/sensitive dogs. She is currently in a home with another young dog, but can be aggressive in her play.

She is very smart and athletic and shows potential for an experienced dog owner who will be committed to giving her extensive exercise, attention and training. She does have some separation anxiety which leads to her being destructive so she will do best in a home with someone is either always home or is willing to work with her on crate training. She does best with women and is anxious with strangers, especially men, which can lead to some aggression. She is a very vocal girl and expresses herself by barking when she is happy, playful and/or upset.

Once she warms up to her people she is a very sweet and loving girl. She needs a patient family who will understand her challenges and be committed to helping her overcome them. Her new family will also need to have the right lifestyle to be able to give her the support she needs. She has lots of potential, she loves to run (in a fenced area as she doesn’t yet have recall) and absolutely loves to play in water, she’ll dunk her head under and roll around in streams and rivers until she’s completely drenched.

Her family is committed to finding the right fit for her and wants to work with adopters on a smooth transition for Stella’s sake. Serious inquires only once you’ve considered Stella’s lifestyle and training needs. For the right family who is committed to training her Stella will be a truly rewarding dog. Please call 802-338-0838.



  • Breed: Mixed breed
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: Female