Sparky is a 12 year old hound mix with a zesty spark for life!  Sparky’s previous guardian described him as active, affectionate, playful and friendly.  Sparky spent much of his time with other dogs and did well with most of them.  He also really liked to be outside, where he could run around and expend some of his energy.  Here at the shelter Sparky enjoys attention, dinner time, buddy walks, and meeting new people!  He has done well with most of the dogs he has met and doesn’t seem to be at all interested in cats.  Although he is 12, Sparky acts much younger!  Sparky was quite skinny when he came to Homeward Bound, so we are working on helping him reach his ideal weight. He is a very sweet, easy-going and friendly guy who will do well with a new family who will monitor his weight and provide him with plenty of exercise and affection.

Sparky will need to be on lifelong medication to support his pancreatic function, which allows him to digest food and absorb nutrients.  Potential owners should be aware that this medication costs around $100/month.  We are only allowing Sparky to go to a home with people who have an established relationship with a veterinarian.



  • Breed: Hound
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Male