I’m Scooter, but my foster mom says you can call me anything you’d like as long as you call me! This is like a dating site, right? 🙂  Let me tell you about myself.

I’m a handsome fella, or so people keep telling me. I’m very friendly and just love to say hi to everyone. They seem to appreciate that I don’t jump on them. I’m okay if people don’t want to say hi back. Their loss!

I’m very laid back and super patient. How long does it take to tie a pair of sneakers? I’ll just lie down and wait. Oh, man, you’re stopping to talk to the neighbor again? Fine, I can wait. Supper isn’t ready yet? Well, the rug is comfy and I’ll just hang out here.

I do know some commands, like sit (especially when a treat is involved) and I am the most gentle food taker.

I have a bad habit of chasing cats, but a bold cat named Simba put me in my place the other day! He just came right up to me and slapped me across the face. Ow! I retreated in a hurry! Hmmm…maybe I could learn to get along with cats (or at least let them be) instead of chasing them.

I’ve been introducing myself to the dog next door, a 30lb Cockapoo named Xander. He’s a happy guy who’s always really excited to see me. I get excited to see him too. Maybe I don’t have to be scared of other dogs with the help of the right dogs. I still would rather live alone with my human, but it might be nice to be able to make friends with other dogs in the future.

One thing about me that I think is super pawsome is that I rarely bark! Usually just if I need to go out, then it is just a woof or two. I don’t even bark at other dogs. Even when I’m left alone during the day I don’t bark or destroy anything.

Things I love: cheese, cheese, cheese… did I mention cheese? Peanut butter, bacon, riding in the car! I will sit by the car just waiting for you to open that door!

So, to sum up, I’m a sweet, handsome boy who loves food, riding in the car and hanging out with my people. Thanks for learning more about me and I hope you liked what you learned!


Dogs: None in the home

Cats: Brave, tough cats with proper introductions

Kids: 10+



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Male