Sassafrass is a young cat who grew up in a cat colony with a loving caretaker. She is social with humans, but because of her limited contact with animals of the two-legged variety she is wary of strangers and really makes you work hard to earn her trust. She loves to play, and will often forget her wariness of people when she is zoned in on the hunt! In fact playing with this gal with a wand toy is one of the quickest ways to make friends with her (other than giving her food, haha). Sassafrass enjoys the company of other cats and finds the courage to step outside of her comfort zone if she has a feline companion to bolster her, so we would like Sassafrass to be adopted with another cat or go to a home that already has a cat.

Sassafrass is eligible for Paws on The Job, the Homeward Bound working cat program. She and her colony-mate Fiona can be adopted together as a mousing duo for your office, workshop, brewery, warehouse, or other business!



  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Female