Samuel is a playful, 5-year old teddy bear guinea pig. He loves to play in his hay and with any homemade cardboard toys. He enjoys solving puzzles & mazes filled with hay & veggies. He’s a smart little pig!

Samuel is described as sweet and vocal, whose favorite treat is his daily vitamin C chews. If you forget to give it to him, he will let you know by loudly chirping to remind you!!

Living with guinea-pig tolerant cats is a possibility as he has lived with 4 cat siblings and peacefully coexisted, even sleeping near each other. He would most likely do well living with any other pets who are guinea pig savvy, other than another guinea pig. He enjoys receiving scratches on his bum and will back up into your hand for more scratches!

He is easy to handle as long as you handle him gently, and have slow, proper introductions to new people.

For questions about Samuel or to schedule an appointment to meet him, please call Homeward Bound, 802-388-1100, ext. 109, or email



  • Breed: Teddy Bear
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 5 years
  • Gender: Male