Don’t let this pretty gal’s age fool you; she may be 9 years old but she if full of life and ready to play! Her previous owners said Sammi loves to be with her people and will follow them around as they go from room to room. They also said she loves to greet visitors at the door, supervise dinner prep and play with kids. She was not very nice to her cat-sibling in her previous home and has been a little hissy towards the other cats here at the shelter. Since being with us, Sammi has been super friendly to everyone, very talkative, active and loves to rub against people for attention!

Are you interested in Sammi but aren’t 100% sure?  Take her home for a risk-free 1-month trial period to see how she fits in your home before making an adoption commitment!  If it doesn’t work you can bring her back…. but chances are she will have stolen your heart by the time your test drive is over.


  • Breed: Egyptian Mau mix
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 9 years
  • Gender: Female