Sailor is a playful, energetic and sweet guy who can’t get enough of chewy toys and time with people. He gets nervous when left alone in the home and requires a family that has someone to spend the day with him or can bring him to play at daycare each day (he has made many friends at Comfort Hill already!). He loves kids of all ages and develops strong bonds with them quickly, but hasn’t figured out how big he is yet and gives full body hugs! Not knowing his own strength and size, he will do best in a home with no cats and plenty of people to guide him, love him, train him and relax with him. He is friendly and welcoming to all adults, whether they are family or just walking by on the street. He doesn’t like to be alone outside any more than being alone inside, so he needs people who want to exercise or walk with him. Sailor will thrive a household with plenty of time for him, patience to train and one that is ready to make him an instant part of the family. Careful, once you meet him he is going to steal your heart!



  • Breed: Large breed mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Male