Look at that adorable face! Pepsi is my name and I am a sweet bunny who loves people and is learning to love snuggles; I didn’t get a lot of people time in my previous home, but I am doing very well with all the staff at the shelter. I was brought in when my sister and I could no longer be cared for; my sister has already been adopted and I am hoping I will be next. I could be a single bunny or be a companion with another bunny. With proper introductions I would do well with dogs, cats and kids. I lived with kids, but we did not spend much time together. I am potty-trained and enjoy playing in a pen filled with cut-out boxes and other awesome things to chew on. I  would prefer to be an indoor bunny, but be to able to have some supervised fun outside in a pen – grass is so yummy! If you are looking for an adorable bunny who will definitely keep you busy, I am the best guy for you. 

November is the month to be thankful and I very thankful to be inside where is will be warm this winter.  



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1
  • Gender: Male