Paxton is a super sweet, three year old silver lab who came to us when his owner was unable to provide him care. He was very loved by his family and it shows. He cant get enough of snuggles and playtime. He is shy at first, but after meeting you a couple times begins to come out of his shell. Paxton is housetrained, very active, friendly to family and friends who came in and out of the home and is a total attention hog and lap dog. He will need to be crated when you aren’t home as he can chew. He has lived with a female dog and cat happily. He and the cat slept near each other, played, and the cat tolerated Paxton’s chasing. Paxton and the female pup he lived with played together with no problems. Paxton likes rough play (be it with cats or dogs), toys of all kinds, and to chase and play tug. He loves car rides and enjoys napping in the backseat. He is a bit protective of his food and may growl when other animals approach him while eating, but has never shown aggression. His family lovingly gave him to Homeward Bound, knowing that he would find the very best new home. He is truly a big mush who just wants to be your daily buddy.



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male