Meet Olivia, our very own Wonder Woman!  Olivia was found wandering Route 7 here in Middlebury, obese and with quite a few sores on her body.  After spending some time in foster care, where she lost over 30 pounds, healed most of her sores, and basked in endless amounts of love, Olivia is back at the shelter and ready to find her forever family!  Olivia is extraordinarily sweet.  She wants to be around people as often as people want to be around her (which is often, she’s very hard to resist).  Olivia loves her dog bed, especially when there is a human in it to cuddle with.  She is so affectionate she will actually sit in your lap and rest her head against your shoulder- it’s very cute!  Although Olivia has a high exuberance for life, the word “energetic” would not be used to describe her personality- she enjoys light and slow strolls followed by long cuddles.  Olivia does great with other dogs although a young and/or playful dog may not be the best match for her.  Come meet this wonderful lady today!



  • Breed: American Bulldog
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 5 years
  • Gender: Female