Missy is a hound mix approximately a year and a half old that her current caretakers took in to provide her with some stability after her original owner was no longer able to care for her.  She was in several other homes before the current family took her and provided her with routine and a calm atmosphere.  Her anxiety level was high after having so many changes in a short period of time, which resulted in a lot of barking.  Over the past couple of weeks they have seen her calm down considerably and the company of their other dog seems to help as well.  They have also witnessed her with very young children, which she was completely tolerant of, as well as with their cats.

Missy is a bit of an unknown when it comes to introducing her to other people.  She barks at people when they pass the yard and introductions outside of the family have not been made.  Missy is a very strong dog and will pull hard when she sees something that interests her hound nose.  She needs someone who is physically capable of controlling her until she has training to help her understand appropriate manners and boundaries.  Having a fenced yard or a very active family who will provide the exercise a young dog needs is so important for her well-being.

Her current family reports that she is a sweet, patient, tolerant dog who doesn’t make many demands.  She is a big lap dog inside the house, but has great energy outside.  Missy will need to get through an anxious period when she first transitions to a new home.

Missy is part of a 3rd Party Adoption and is not at the shelter.  For questions regarding Missy, please call her current caretaker, Melody, at 802-310-2662 or 989-3563.



  • Breed: Hound mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1.5 years
  • Gender: Female