Mickey is a lover of swamps and enjoys hearing his own voice! His eyes are adorable, but don’t trust him off leash – he’ll play that to his advantage! He can be unhappy in the car sometimes, but sometimes he is peachy keen about it. Like most beagles he LOVES food and has an irresistibly friendly nature, so we forgive him his faults. He is a bath evader and mischief maker. He is as cute as he looks and incredibly mild mannered. He is compact and durable, a cuddler and not overly stubborn. He will police little children without cause and thinks cats are snacks! He won’t destroy your house while your at work, but he will make a snuggly bed out of your clothes he finds laying around- his human attachment is unquestionable. He is a devoted and sweet hound-y boy and we love him dearly, you will too!


Kids: 12+

Cats: No

Dogs: No larger dogs. Mickey can be fine with dogs his size, or smaller, who are mellow and friendly


  • Breed: 6
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male