Meadow is such a sweetheart! At 8 years old, Meadow is all about the good life: calm spaces, loving people and good food. She is a super kind girl, easy-going and people oriented. She doesn’t like the feel of her leash on her body and will do these funny rolls all over the ground when it touches her, but if you can handle that quirk then that’s about all the quirk you’ll get with her (we use a harness that fastens on her back to keep it simple for her). She is good with other dogs, loves all types of toys and is gentle with all people. She is a cat and bird chaser, so a home with cats or birds isn’t her thing. She likes car rides, eager to learn tricks for treats and doesn’t play rough. All she needs are some warm and gentle humans to give her the happy ending she’s waiting for.


  • Breed: Doberman Pincher
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 8
  • Gender: Female