Mallard is a gloriously happy guy who is obsessed with play and snuggles. He is allllll about a playful human. His favorite human is one that will get right down on the ground with him and wrestle or play with toys, one who will let him snuggle under the blankets in bed, and one who wants to go play and explore each day. He is a fun and joyful pup in every sense. Mallard is a bit frightened of other dogs- we even saw him nervous meeting a tiny puppy – so for that reason we know he needs a solo home. When it comes to cats, he gets too excited and just wants to play, but it’s too high energy and it would be better for the cats to not have him in their home. He is amazing with all people, house-trained (he will put his paw on you or whine when he needs to go outside) and perfect on leash. Mallard is a love through and through, so don’t miss out on this guy!

Dogs: No
Cats: No
Kids: 13 and up


  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male