Loki is part of Homeward Bound’s 3rd Party Adoption listings for Vermont animals.  Animals posted for 3rd Party Adoption are not at the shelter. Homeward Bound staff has not seen or evaluated these pets.  All information is as described by the owner.   For any questions or to make an appointment to meet Loki, please contact his current owner, Jarad, at 814-602-9783 or mtmjmr13@gmail.com.


Loki is a 9-month old, 50-pound neutered Shepard/Lab mix. We are seeking to re-home him because new work circumstances require us to be away from home too long and having young children to take care of leaves us no time to give Loki the attention he needs or deserves. As a result, his training has been inconsistent and infrequent.

He really is a great dog and just wants to be with his family. Unfortunately my work arrangement has resulted in him having to go to daycare every day.

Loki loves to play with all toys and will play in and around water.

He has not been out in public places much, but is friendly toward everyone he meets at our home. He gives a warning bark that someone has arrived but he is eager to meet and greet them. If you live in a busy location, he will alert bark unless trained otherwise.  He has not lived with other pets but plays with dogs at daycare.

On longer car trips, we have given him anti-nausea meds from the vet and he has done great. Without the meds he gets car sick even on short trips.

Our best home for Loki would be an individual, couple or family with older children, looking to take an overall great dog and be able to spend the time necessary to further his training and work with him through his adolescence. Ideally his new family would be home with him most of the day or can at least check in on him.  He will need help adjusting to unsupervised time outside of his crate if no one is home.  This is something we never reached at our home. A fenced yard for him to investigate on his own would be great for him as well as continued training.


  • Breed: Shepard mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 9 months
  • Gender: Male