Looking for a cat who thinks she’s a dog?  Lacey is your gal!  This adventurous lady will happily volunteer to be your shadow.  She is outgoing, a bit of a diva and very active.  Lacey is not a fan of receiving endless pets but she often doesn’t mind being picked up to receive some head scratches.  Lacey peacefully coexists with the other cats in her community cat room but seems to be an independent gal who prefers to adventure on her own.  If you’re looking for a friend who has loads of energy, is incredibly entertaining and who loves to play and explore, Lacey will make a great match!

Are you interested in Lacey but aren’t 100% sure?  Take her home for a risk-free 1-month trial period to see how she fits in your home before making an adoption commitment!  If it doesn’t work you can bring her back…. but chances are she will have stolen your heart by the time your test drive is over.



  • Breed: DMH, Grey/White
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: Female