This big, beautiful baby is a 7 month old Shepard Mix who is looking for his perfect family. Kingsley is a large breed, high energy dog who would really love space to run and play- along with active owners who will join him. He is SO very smart and in the process of command training. He knows how to sit, stay, and come. Given his Shepard genes, he would really like to keep his brain busy and continue learning; Kingsley loves to be taught tricks and earn treats! He is adorably affectionate and quite emotionally intuitive. He really wants a family that is going to work with him, use kind tones, snuggle and play! He seems to be great with cats, dogs and kids. Given his breed, he is a natural protector. Kingsley barks when someone is at the door – he is not at all aggressive – and he would love a family that is looking for that in a dog.
Kingsley came our way after his owners could no longer keep him due to life circumstances. As a puppy, he has only barely begun in life. The next bunch of months will be critical for his behavioral development and a goober like him needs humans who will help him grow into his very best self! If you have been looking for a pupper just like him, there’s a good chance he has just been waiting for you!


  • Breed: Shepard mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 7 months
  • Gender: Male