Jax is a 3 year old mix who is in need of the best, most loving humans. Jax was used for breeding throughout his first couple years of life and was attacked over and over by the other male (who was also used for breeding) in the home. The former owners allowed this to go on for over a year and a half, and as a result Jax suffered unrelenting injury. But, he is living proof that dogs are the most amazing animals- he is gentle, loving and trusting despite his ordeals. He is a mellow, easy-going companion. He would love be your adventure buddy and ride shotgun to go out and play. Not a barker, not a whiner and an expert cuddler, he would make an awesome addition to any home.
While Jax is really good at meeting other dogs out in the community, is non-aggressive, and might enjoy playdates with select dogs, after everything he has been through he really needs to be the only pup in the home. He is great with both adults and children. He needs lots of reassurance, kisses and love. His former owners didn’t take the time to command train him, so he is still learning the basics, but he loves to learn new tricks for yummy treats. He will be a little nervous in your home at first and might have a few accidents, but once he is comfortable he will tell you when he needs to go out. His favorite thing would be to sleep right next to you, chill with you on the couch and give you gentle kisses. He is curious with cats, but not aggressive or excited. Jax is learning to play with toys and is getting better at “fetch” by the day.
Jax is recovering from his injuries really nicely and will need all the TLC he can get. In the words of one of our volunteers “he is a total mush”. We love him, everyone who has met him loves him, you will love him too. Come see for yourself how beautiful and resilient this boy is!


  • Breed: Mastiff/Lab/Border Collie Mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male