Jackson is one of the most loving and attentive pups. He would love to live with an outgoing, dog-friendly cat (or cats!). He would also adore a fenced in area to run free or a nice long run to gain some yard independence. He hasn’t been properly socialized around other dogs, but has the total potential to learn to socialize well outside of the home. He barks and pulls when he sees other dogs, but he is a barker not a biter. Anytime he has been properly introduced to a dog or people, he eventually settles down, has actually shown to be submissive with the other pups and very is sweet with the folks he has met. He just needs structured introductions and has been studying hard in his foster home to improve how he meets and greets on the street; he needs a family that can work with him through his initial reactivity. While he needs to be the only canine in the home, he is amazing with kids and people of all ages. He is affectionate beyond belief, loves laps and cuddles, is smart, emotionally quite sensitive and is the best kind of clingy.



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 5
  • Gender: Male