Izzy is a 5 year old lab mix who needs a very loving and attentive home. Izzy arrived at our doorstep on a chain and was handed to us by her owner who admitted to striking her when she stole food off the counter – it wasn’t the first or only time. Her owner told us simply that he shouldn’t keep her. He said “she is a good dog and deserves better”. So, Izzy arrived understandably timid and anxious, so much so that we immediately placed her in the care of a nurturing foster provider. She is now back with us and doing AMAZING! She is definitely ready for her happy ending!
Izzy gets along with most other dogs and cats. She would prefer a low-traffic home as she is still working on her anxiety, so a home with no children under 13 is required. She is ok to be left alone in your home while you’re at work, but is also kennel trained if you would prefer. Active and outgoing, she would love to be with an outdoorsy family who could expose her to all the fun nature can offer her. She would do best in a home that showers her with quality time, love and affection.
Izzy is back in the shelter and ready to find her forever home! if you have interest in this beautiful girl come on down and spend some time with her!


  • Breed: Lab Mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 5
  • Gender: Female