Irish is a 2-year old terrier mix who deserves a loving family of his own and has been waiting patiently at the shelter for a long time.  He has the most outgoing personality and hasn’t met a human yet that he didn’t fall all over for attention.  He has a friendly vibe and greets everyone when he’s out for his walks.  He wants to be snuggled with while also needing play and adventure time to satisfy his young dog energy level.  Young children are over-stimulating to him.

He has excellent leash manners, is quiet in his kennel and on walks, and is very eager to learn and please.

Irish loves other dogs, but they must be able to tolerate his enthusiastic and sometimes awkward play style! Irish can only be adopted into a home with another dog that is a similar high energy player, and accepting of Irish’s goofy, exuberant style.

Irish is often paired with another shelter dog, Aster, for outside play dates.  They are entertaining to watch together!



  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Male