Huxley is the wiggly, happy dog of your dreams. He lost his eye when he was just a puppy, so he is blind on one side. He is as sweet as pie and loves to go on adventures. Because he is blind on one side, it is really tough (and scary for him at times) to be around small children and other dogs. Huxley needs a predictable, calm home with love and affection surrounding him. He is a cattle dog mix and does have prey drive, so no cats please! He adores car rides and will luxuriate in your backseat so quietly you wont even know he is there. He loves to rambunctiously play, swim, and really enjoys toys. Huxley is an incredible snuggle-buddy and is the best companion. He has energy to run, play, hike and swim – but he is perfectly content to lounge with you and be a potato. With his cattle dog genes, he can get tunnel vision if he wants to chase a squirrel or other creature, so being on leash when out and about is really important. He is an easy guy on leash, is housebroken, basic command trained and ready to join your family!






  • Breed: Cattle Dog Mix
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Male